ADA Price Prediction 2018-2020 | Cardano Price Forecast

Cardano  is a cryptocurrency project.  Cardano (ADA) is also decentralized blockchain. As all cryptocurrencies are open source it is also a open source protocol. ADA developers are making this protocol which will more advance than any other protocol exist. ADA price prediction 2018 will discuss and you will know how much it can grow or loss in 2018. Is it best to invest in ADA now?

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Yes it is right time to invest in ADA coin because now price is very low. Current price of ADA is $0.7 which seems very very low. Price of ADA is low that’s why investors are interested to invest in this coin they want to make huge profit out of them. Reason is that future price of ADA is very high. Analysts are buying it and spending their maximum investment on it. Because they now future price of ADA will very high.

 ADA Price Prediction 2018

ADA is an long term investment. If you are looking for long term investment then there are very some coins like ADA, Ripple, Tron etc. How many long ? It is for 1 year at least. You have to wait up to 1 year but reward of wait always sweet. At the end of year 2018 you will have decent amount of profit and you can enjoy Christmas 2018 by using your profit amount. 🙂

ADA Price prediction 2018-2020

Fig: ADA Price prediction 2018-2020

Cardano price forecast ADA is a profitable investment way. According to ADA candlestick chart analysis current price wave is correction wave and price will must go up and it is at 50% fib level in buy trend. Moreover according to ADA Elliot wave analysis it is then wave 2 in down side and there will a wave 3 which will go in up side. Elliot wave says wave 3 is very fast growing and long wave. It seems wave 3 will start very soon. So we should not wait to buy ADA coin.

ADA price prediction 2018 is showing that it will grow up to $5 in 2018. But we cannot analyze in how many months and which is right date to invest in ADA. Now price is very low that’s why you should buy right now. At the end of 2018 you will see price of ADA up to $5.

ADA price prediction 2020 is that it will on level of $20 at least. Cardano price forecast showing overall coin will grow in future. But there will some correction waves definitely.

There are some other reasons of price grow. As you know current price is $0.7 which is very low and capital of Cardona is very high $19,720,855,809. Cardano is in the list of top 5 cryptocurrencies which shows interest of people in coin. Because interest of people in coins is very high and people are investing in this coin that’s why price will definitely go up.


ADA price prediction 2018 is very clear and price will definitely go up to $5 in year 2018. Capital is very high and in the list of top 5 cryptocurrencies which shows it is very famous coin. Cardano price forecast showing there will Elliot wave 3 in future which is in up side direction. Candlesticks are also in favor of buy. So all these elements give us only one single which is BUY.

Please comment your opinion about Cardano (ADA) we will write in this article with your reference to help others.Thanks

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