Best Cryptocurrency Exchange 2018

CryptoCurrency is becoming famous day by day. People are investing in a lot of coins. Like Bitcoin, Ripple, ADA, EOS, IOTA etc. Investors are getting profit out of them. But some people are still not gaining profit. Because they do not know where to buy. Exact timing and price is very important if you want to gain huge profit in days. Best cryptocurrency exchange 2018 is very hard to determine. But we have discussed some exchanges which can best cryptocurrency exchanges for you.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange 2018

Coinbase  and Binance are best exchanges. But i will say Binance is best cryptocurrency exchange for 2018. There are some reasons.

– Binance can give you huge list of cryptocurrencies. And you can sell and buy them very easily in minutes. Coinbase on the other hand is very limited in cryptocurrencies. Coinbase provide you only limited coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.

– Binance allow you to trade on coins. You can sell and buy coins at there current price. Moreover you can also send coins in their wallet whenever you will want.

Coinbase is also best but only for those people whose country have no Binance exchange. I mean there are some countries where binance is banned. And there are some countries where  Coinbase is banned. Cryptocurrencies are very dangerous for countries enconomy. Because there is no law about them. You will have thousands of coins but no one can know that. But if you will have money in banks then government will cut tax from it. And there will complete list of your money.

So that is reason governments of many countries are banning crypto currencies. Anyway Coinbase is best exchange but Binance have more benefits than it.  You can feel free t use bainance as your cryptocurrency exchange. You can buy and sell very easily.

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