Is It Profitable To Invest In IOTA Coin? Best Cryptocurrency To Invest 2018

Iota is becoming very famous day by day and everyone is thinking about to invest this in new coin. Investors are searching for Best Cryptocurrency so that they can invest in it and make a good profit over it. Because now bitcoins is not safe for investment. Bitcoin price is very high now and investors are afraid of bitcoin because it may cause of big loss. But on other side if price goes high then you may got huge profit from bitcoin.

People who want to invest little money in cryptocurrency but do not know where to invest and which is Best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2018 then i have a deep research on that. You can read my article on Iota price prediction 2018.

So according to my analysts and result of my research shows we should invest in IOTA Coin. The reason behind this is that it is very hottest coin all of others and investors are looking for it to invest. If more people will invest in it then more it will grow.

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Is it profitable to invest in IOTA?

In short , Yes it is best cryptocurrency to invest.

Reason behind that is that IOTA price is not much higher than bitcoin and everyone can afford to buy some iota coins. Just ignore future price and analysis. Just think about current price and compare with bitcoin or ethereum coins. You can see there are huge difference in prices of all these coins. So it mean Iota is very low price coin so if you will invest then risk factor will very low for that. Suppose if you loss 50 iota coins then you will loss maximum $100-150. That is not big amount to invest.

Second reason to buy iota is that, people will very soon buy iota in bulk because of bitcoin and many other coins high prices. People want to invest in low cost coin so if price of coins increase in future little bit they can gain huge profit without any risk. But if they will buy one bitcoin instead then risk factor will increase. In short buying iota at that moment is safe due to less price.

Third and last reason to buy iota is that, it is different than all other coins. Like it is not using blockchain technology. Iota coins using DAG technology. So that is reason interest of people is high for this coin.

According to my price analysis, Iota price will up to 30$ in the end of 2018 which is not much higher but very safe.

Read Iota price prediction 2018 Article for detail iota price analysis and future price of iota


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