Bitcoin Prediction 2018 | BTC Will Hit $25000 ???

Bitcoin Prediction 2018 | BTC Will Hit $25000 ?

Bitcoin is very famous coin in crypto world. Because Bitcoin is very first coin. There are people eyes on bitcoin price. Bitcoin prediction 2018 is now clear. There are some factors which will cause of bitcoin price growth. In this article we will discuss these factors due to which Bitcoin will dramatically grow in year 2018.

Bitcoin Prediction 2018

US Fedral judge has confirmed that bitcoin and all other coins are commodities. Its is very good news for crypto coins. Bitcoin price is struggling from many days range from 7000-1000$. It is first legal confirmation from US government otherwise people was thinking it is illegal coin also others.

But due to this huge success of bitcoin now price will grow smoothly. Why??

Because when India banned bitcoin and call it illegal coin then price of bitcoin dropped dramatically. But now price will grow because US judge have list it in commodities.

US is super power and always looking for future trends which makes it super power. To continue its potential US always looking for opportunities and Bitcoin is biggest opportunity for US. Now Bitcoin is commodity.

People who was afraid of that bitcoin is illegal are sure about it that it is completely legal. So these people will definitely invest in bitcoin and due to huge investment and due to this good new price of bitcoin will increase in future.

BTC Will Hit $25,000 in 2018 ?

Short answer is Yes.

All reasons have been discussed above.

  • US Federal Judge said Bitcoin is Commodities
  • More people will buy Bitcoin, So more capital will increase
  • Bulk investment will take the price of Bitcoin at top
  • Due to US positive sign towards the bitcoin, other countries will also look with positive eyes towards bitocoin (BTC)
Bitcoin Future Price Prediction 2019-2025

Bitcoin prediction 2018

Moreover price action is also showing long positions of bitcoin. According to wave analysis (Elliot wave) it is consider as a wave 2 and there will wave 3 which will come very soon. According to Elliot wave three is longest wave.

So it is very clear now that bitcoin price will hit $25000 in 2018.

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