Bitcoin Price Action Analysis 2018 | Price prediction

Bitcoin is very first decentralized digital currency.  It is the payment system without any interference of central bank or any organization. Bitcoin introduced in 2009 and founder of bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto.  Bitcoin network works on peer to peer protocol and there is no any intermediate system. Transactions can done in two parties without any mid system. Bitcoin was the first coin which include in Forex market. There is bitcoin chart and people also trade on bitcoin using their Forex market capital. Bitcoin price action analysis 2018, bitcoin forecast and bitcoin price prediction 2018, 2019, 2020-2023 is described in details.

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Bitcoin price action analysis 2018

There are a lot of questions in people’s mind like “How High Can Bitcoin’s Price Go in 2018 or in future” , “bitcoin future value predictions” , “what will bitcoin be worth in 2020” etc I have analyzed bitcoin price and conclude complete price prediction of bitcoin for 2018 , 2019 and 2020.

Bitcoin Resistance and Support levels

Technically bitcoin stock chart shows there is a resistance level at price $19969 and price dropped from this level again. In past a candle touched this level and fell and now again history repeat it self. It indicates there is no more investment in the bitcoin. That’s why price dropped at $19969 again. There is another resistance level at $16594 level which was also an resistance level in past but not much stronger.  There is only one support level at current stage which is $12818. $12818 is very strong support level because price rejected this level three times in past.

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Bitcoin Fibonacci Levels

I drew fibs level from price $5667 to $19969. Now you can see price reject the fib level 0.5 three times. At 0.5 fib level there is also a very strong support. Both levels make this area very strong buy area. But mostly price moves in desired direction from fib level 0.618. So there are chances that price go more down and after touching 0.618 it will go buy. We can more clear price direction by using trend lines.

Bitcoin Trend Lines

Bitcoin forecast is showing different trend lines. I drew the trend lines on chat from different price levels to purify he results. All possible areas are now covered by trend lines. Bitcoin price indicates trend is making  bullish symmetrical triangle pattern. Bitcoin  bullish symmetrical triangle pattern conclude that price will definitely go up but with some delay.

Why Delay ?

Because price will complete the triangle first. I mean to say that price will first fill the triangle at its end and then there will a breakout . After breakout price will go up.

Bitcoin Price Prediction - Bitcoin Forecast

Fig: Bitcoin Forecast

Updated Bitcoin Chart

So as you can see my prediction is going well. Have a look at updated chart

bitcoin price prediction 2018 (Updated)

bitcoin price prediction 2018 (Updated)

As you can see price recently made a new wave and a pin bar. Pin bar indicates price will go in up direction very soon and there is reversal pattern.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2018

Bitcoin technical analysis shows that there will boost in bitcoin price in future. Because price is not only making a  bullish symmetrical triangle but also indicating that it will not cross the price range $12800-$11000 in down side. Price will definitely go in up direction from fib levels 0.5 or 0.618 ($12800-$11000) in future.

If you are thinking to invest in bitcoin then you should must buy under these levels $12800-$11000. After hitting this zone of price , bitcoin price will boost in up direction. Moreover it will also breakout upper trend line.

Bitcoin price prediction 2018 shows that bitcoin price will more than $25k. At the end of 2018 you will see price of bitcoin more than $25k. So buy bitcoin from price zone $12800-$11000.

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Bitcoin Price Prediction 2019

Once price will hit $25K in 2018 then bitcoin will more up to $50 but you need to wait. Because after huge price movement towards the up side , bitcoin stock will control it There will some corrections by price but definitely bitcoin price will more than $50K in year 2019 after these corrections.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020-2023

Bitcoin price will up to $100K in 2020-2023 era. it is possible because when price will up to $25k then interest of people will increase dramatically. People will want to buy bitcoin. Greediness will increase and investors will invest all their capital to buy bitcoin. It seems hilarious but it is reality. That is why price will finally touch $100K in 2020 to 2023 era.


Bitcoin price action analysis 2018 indicating price will definitely up in future. A lot of technical indicators indicating up side movement of bitcoin price. Previous boost of bitcoin also shows that there will one more huge move in bitcoin stock chart. But technical analysis are not always right. There are some expectations but not 100% guarantee of price bullishness. I gave you some technical details about bitcoin so that you get some idea about future price move.

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