How to buy IOTA on Binance | Step by Step Guide

Iota is a open source concurrency. It is not using typical block chain technology, it using DAG (Directed acyclic graph) technology. There are some units when you buy iota cryptocurrency on different accounts.Smallest unit for Iota is simple “iota” and there are many units like Kioiota(Ki), Megaiot(Mi), Gigaiota (Gi) and many others. As mentioned above that iota do not use block chain. Actually, block chain is protocol of DAG (Directed acyclic graph).  

Coin is special or unique because of Tangle. It is new block-less ledger which is more scalable and lightweight. Moreover it is first coin which do not charge any fee while you transfer values. Iota price prediction 2018 is that it will touch peak of 30$ and you can sale it in 30$ if you buy one iota now then you will get a lot of profit on that, that is the reason it is very famous for investors.

Buy IOTA Cryptocurrency?

If you lives in US then you cannot buy iota from bitfinex, because bitfinex has stopped their service for US people. So people for America are facing problems. They are searching the ways to buy iota.

Actually there are only two exchanges where US people can buy Iota.

1). Bitfinex exchange

2). Binance exchange

So bitfinex is totally banned in US. They are not accepting payments in US or EUR, because of some laws.

So how and where US people can buy Iota coin ?

Americans cannot but iota using US dollar or Euro. But i have find a solution for that, you can but through Bitcoin or Ethereum. You need to first buy bitcoin or ethereum digital currencies then you can buy iota coin from any digital currencies. Buy Iota on Binance Exchange which is chines website/Exchange and they are offering iota and many other currencies. You can pay using bitcoin or ethereum.

How to Buy IOTA Cryptocurrency from Binance Exchange in US ?

Its very easy to buy iota from binance exchange. I will show you every simple and complex steps to buy iota from that site. Just follow these steps and buy one.

1.Register Binance account

First of all you have to register your account on binance, for that purpose you need to fill a very small form and you will get a verification email at your given email address. Open you mail and click on verification link and your account will active. Login to your account by giving email address and password you use during your registration process.

Binance login

Fig: Binance login

2.Login and verify your account

Once you have successfully active your account , then you need to verify your account by giving documents. First you select international option instead of china. After that you will see it is demanding for documents like ID card, Passport pages resident address verification etc. Just read form carefully and provide required documents and fulfill their requirements. Verification process is longer than usual. So do not worry and wait for verification.

verify binance account

verify binance account


upload binance acocunt documents

upload binance acocunt documents

3. Deposit bitcoin in your account

As i mentioned above that US people cannot use USD or EUR to buy Iota so they can buy using other methods. One i will suggest you is that you deposit bitcoin/Ethereum and buy Iota coins using these bitcoins or ethereum coins.

So to deposit bitcoin or ethereum coins in your account you need to press a button “Fund” available on right top. Drop down menu will show you deposit button press it and list of all coins will show. Choose your coin and deposit that coin, i will recommend you bitcoin or ethereum. Provide your coin address and deposit desired amount.

deposit coin to buy Iota

Fig: Deposit coin to buy Iota

4.Buy Iota from Binance

After all done you simple press on a button “Exchange” which is located at left upper corner. You will see graph and list of coins, just search your desired coin “Iota” and select it. After selection buy and sell option will show with graph of iota coin. You simply press Buy option with desired amount which you want.Once your trade executed you will able to see your Iota balance and you can withdraw your iota coin in any wallet you chooses to withdraw.

After all that you have successfully buy Iota and one important thing you are US citizen. So that is simple trick or you can say that is another exchange by which you can buy iota cryptocurrency.

Buy iota coin in US

Fig: Buy iota coin in US


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