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NEM is another crypto currency which is stealing people interest. People want to buy NEM cryptocurrency because it is in top 10 coins. Reasons behind this is that its capital is very high.  Nem(XEM) capital is more than $10,229,129,999 USD. Due to huge capital XEM is at no 7 in top 10 list of crypto coins.

3 Ways to Buy NEM Cryptocurrency

There are a lot of ways to buy XEM cryptocurrency. NEM website is it self recommend us a complete list of exchanges from where we can buy XEM coin. It provide us list of more than 25 exchanges. But some accept only bitcoins. You need to have bitcoin in your wallet to buy NEM. So if you will not have bitcoin then you cannot buy XEM coin.

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I will show you the best 3 ways to buy Nem coin. These all exchanges will accept a lot of payment methods. Like credit card, iDeal, SEPA Bankwire, SOFORT, GiroPay, bank etc

1) LiteBit

LieBit is Europe biggest exchange. You can buy a lot of crypto coin from litebit. You can also sell your coins here very easily.

Open LiteBit website. A lot of coins will appear on screen. Just click on NEM coin and you will redirect on another page.  Drop down that page and there will show Buy Nem form.  You need to put your desired amount you want to buy NEM.

Provide your XEM wallet address and also message key. After all that you need to put your payment method. Just click on it and you will see too many payment methods. You need to choose best payment method to buy NEM coin.

That’s All. After done these all steps you need to chekc your XEM wallet and definitely you will have NEM coins in your wallet. Very easy and safe way. Right ?

buy nem crypocurrency

Fig: buy nem crypocurrency

2) Exrates.me

Exrates  is another best way to buy NEM cryptocurrency. If you want buy XEM coin and want to set stop and buying limit then it is best place for that.

buy xem crypto currency

Fig: buy xem crypto currency

Just go to exrates website and you will see a list of coins available. Search for NEM or XEM. There will two option XEM/USD and XEM/BITCOIN. Click on your desired option. I think XEM/USD will best option for you. After clicking on it you will see chart of XEM will open and buy and sell button will appear. Just press buy button with your limit.

3) CoinSpot

Register an account on coinspot first then do to buy/sell option. Just choose your desired coin (XEM). Coinspot will give you NEM coin based on AUD currency. I mean to say that it accept only AUD. So you just need to buy it with your credit card. And it will convert USD to AUD. After all that you will get XEM coins. Its very simple and fast way to buy NEM coin. All the process will done in minutes.

buy nem cryptocurrency

Fig: Buy nem cryptocurrency

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