How To Buy Smartcash Coin ? | Smartcash Cryptocurrency

Smartcash is another decentralized cryptocurrency.  Currency price of Smartcash coin is $2.52. Capital of smartcash coin is $1,470,947,924. People are looking for ways by which they can buy coin. To buy smartcash coin you need to follow all the steps. You can convert your real money into smartcash using these given steps.

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How To Buy Smartcash Coin ?

First of all you need to create a account on Coinbase. It will ask to verify your email address and after activation link your account will create successfully.

Second step is to buy bitcoin . Wait why buy bitcoin ? I know you are thinking why you should buy bitcoin? So it is quit simple way. I am telling you very simple way to buy Smart cash coin. You should have some bitcoins to buy Smart cash coin. If you have already bitcoin in your wallet then just ignore second step.

Third step is to create an account on Cryptopia. Why ? Because Cryptopia is an exchange where you can buy smatcash coin and also many other coins. Actually Smartcash provide a list of exchanges from where you can buy Smartcash.





and finally Cryptopia

So why i am using Cryptopia ? Reason behind this is that Cryptopia is very trusted exchange because i am using and some of my friends are using it without any problem. You can also use other exchanges which listed above. 🙂

Actually all these exchanges are trusted because SmartCash is recommended them itself. List of these exchanges also available on website of SmartCash

Fourth step is to deposit your bitcoin into Cryptopia account. For that you need to press Deposit button and provide your deposit address and press done. You have successfully deposit your bitcoin in cryptopia exchange account.

Fifth step is to go to Exchange option available on cryptopia website and go to market. There will a lot of coins available. Just search for your desired coin SmarCash coin. You will see two option here. Buy SmartCasg coin and Sell SmartCash coin.

Provide your amount and press buy option. SO you have successfully buy coin. Now you can send your SmartCash coin into your Desktop wallet of SmartCash.

So these were some simple step. Just follow them you will able to buy SmartCash using bitcoin or credit card in very short time.


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