Which Cryptocurrencies can Grow Over 1,000% in Value in 2018 – 2019? –

Cryptocurrencies was growing fast in 2017, but after start of 2018 all coins prices become low. Analyst were thinking its just due to new year and price will go up again after some months. But , price of every coin is down till today ( August 2018). So it is a big question now which cryptocurrencies are expected to grow up to 1000% in value till 2019.  Its very hard to answer this question. We are going to show you different coins which are expecting to touch 1000% till 2019. Cryptocurrency Price Prediction is hard to tell but there are some factors which indicates future price prediction.

There are two boost expected in cryptocurrencies price. You can see first boost at the end of 2018, because whole year all coins just struggled, there is huge capital but coins prices are still low. So there is expectations that you will see huge boost in prices of all coins, specially bitcoin. You can expect bitcoin price up to 20,000$ again.

Cryptocurrency Price Prediction

So first coin which can grow up to 1000% is Bitcoin. Bitcoin has ability to touch 20,000$ again because it already did that. Secondly bitcoin has huge capital and at the top list of cryptocurrencies so before writing about any other coin we need to write about bitcoin price expectations. Bitcoin have enough volatility to touch 20,000$ in future.

After bitcoin we can write about Ethereum. Ethereum has also much capital to touch 1000% till 2019. There are chances and analysts are thinking that ethereum will cross bitcoin, but technically it is not possible. Reason behind that is that bitcoin is first coin and have huge capital, so it is very hard for new coins to gain that much capital in short time. So we can conclude that ethereum price will grow but not as much as bitcoin price will.

Third coin is Bitcoin Cash. Like bitcoin bitcoin cash is also very famous amount investors. Analyst are thinking BCH price will grow very fast in future as BTC price will. But again BCH will also not cross BTC price and it is definite.

So last coin is Tether. Tether is very interesting player in coin race. Tether will play very smooth in future. We can expect $10 price of tether till 2019. Yes it is not much higher as bitcoin or other coins but it is enough and clear. Investors can easily gain some decent amount, if the invest their some money in USDT. Capital is not much higher than some coins but have enough capital to achieve a decent growth in market. USDT is becoming famous day by day and investors are showing their interest in this coin. So keep your eyes on it.


So we conclude there is no any perfect coins for investment. Cryptocurrency Price Prediction shows every coin is good but we should wait for correct time.There is not coin which can give you guarantee profit. But there are some players which are expecting to grow. We can just analyze these mentioned coins and can keep our eye on them. After getting a suitable time just invest part of your money in them.( But not all)

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