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Aelf is very good coin to invest. Investors invested in this coin in Jan 2018 and price of elf was more than $2. But after touching that value Aelf came back towards its low price range. That’s why people become worry that it will no go long in future. But some people hold Aelf and now there are again Aelf price predictions 2018 that it will go up in future. Even it is creating patterns to go long. Elf price prediction 2018 shows that price will increase in future.

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elf Price Prediction 2018

elf price prediction 2018 is that price of Aelf will more than $5 at the end of 2018. Aelf current price is more than $1. Capital of elf is $259,522,500 USD . It is good than many coins. But it is not under top 30 coins.

But do not worry because coins are now more than 30,000. So we can say top 100 coins are safe. But not every time 😉

So for now if you buy Aelf coin then you will get approx 100 coins in $100. So you invested and get 100 coins. If price goes up to $5 at the end of 2018 then you will gain $500 in less than 1 year time.

elf price prediction 2018 is clear but we cannot say that exactly price will touch $5 level or not. But it is confirm that it will increase and touch some high level.

May be elf coin touch $10 level. So we need to wait and watch.

elf Price Prediction 2019

elf price prediction 2019 is shows that price will up to 30$ at the end of 2019. So if you hold you $100 invest till 2019 then you will have huge profit out of it. You will earn approx 300$.

elf Price Prediction 2020

elf price prediction 2020 is up to $50 at least. So you will have $5000 till 2020 if you invest approx 100$ today.

So there are many other coins but it seems very promising coin and also price is very decent. So even students can also invest in Aelf coin.

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