EOS Price Prediction 2018-2020 | EOS future price

EOS crypto is another awesome coin to invest. Its a new emerging coin which is direct competitor of Ethereum coin. EOS price prediction 2018 is very high and EOS future price is very strong. 2018 will a very profitable year for investors because there are a lot of coins coming in market and digital currencies are converting people’s mind. There are some new coins which may be touch some high prices in 2018 like IOTA, EOS etc.

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EOS crypto is a decentralized coin , there is no bank or any organization which can control its price. So more people will buy more it will grow, same like Bitcoin. Bitcoin is also a decentralized coin and that is the reason it is growing so fast and continuous growing. We can hope it will grow in 2018 too.

EOS Price Prediction 2018 – 2020 and EOS Future Price

EOS current price is more than $6.59 which is growing very fast and people are investing in EOS Crypto everyday. Price movement is so smooth and continuous specially from November 2017. There are big investment opportunities, if you are waiting or searching for a coin which can give you decent profit then i will say it is Iota and EOS.

EOS price prediction 2018 is that EOS future price will $20. EOS price prediction for 2020 is that EOS coin will touch $150 very easily. There is very less risk if you invest right now as compare to bitcoin or Ethereum. So EOS future price is strong and best for investors.

According to analyst and previous records of crypto coins we can forecast that EOS price will more than $20 in 2018. Its just a minimum amount may be price touch $100 peak. But i am sure it will not go down in 2018 reason behind this is that EOS crypto is very hot coin for investors and investors are deciding to invest in it due to low price and low risk. As i mentioned price is more than $6.59 and less than $10 right now. It is not a big amount we can easily buy more than 100 coins right now with very low capital if we compare it with bitcoin.

So it is a great opportunity to buy EOS because it is growing decently as compare to other coins. So it is expecting that price of EOS will more than 100$ in coming years.

Short term analysis shows that price of EOS will increase but not so fast. You can buy coin right now. If you want to invest in any coin for long term then EOS coin will be best for you.

If you want to invest short term in EOS then you should stay away.

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