EOS Price Prediction 2020 | Facts Based Prediction

EOS price prediction 2020: EOS price is struggling in a zone just like all other cryptocurrencies. EOS price is tight in a range of $4 to $5. EOS price prediction 2020 is not hard to define because of its previous moves.

Price of EOS is making a very decent structure. Its price is following a pattern which makes it easily predictable. Bitcoin also follow a pattern but its hard to predict bitcoin price as its pattern very hard to understand.

But for EOS game is  different. Pattern is very easily understandable and we can predict future price of EOS very easily by reading and deeply analysis of EOS price chart.

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EOS Price Prediction 2020

eos price prediction 2020


So as you can see EOS price chart is moving very decently and following a special pattern. So let start from beginning .

First EOS made its first  HIGH which was $18.65. After that price crashed and people was thinking it is a bubble like bitcoin and now it burst.

But EOS proved people wrong and again price increased. This time price made a new HIGH which was $23.00 and proved negative people wrong.

So when EOS price increased up to $23 , interest in EOS increased and people bought a lot of EOS. But price again crashed and till now price cannot made any new high.

Now every EOS owner thinking about EOS future price. Will EOS price increase in future or it will drop till $0 ?

Is EOS really a bubble which burst ? So there are a lot of questions about EOS.

So short answer is: EOS Price will increase again. How and why ?

I am going to show you some technical facts about EOS that why coin price will increase in future.

EOS price prediction 2020

EOS Price chart showing a very decent pattern of HIGHER HIGH. Now currently EOS price is struggling and will make a new high soon. Because price pattern is HIGHER HIGH and till now price is in that pattern.

Pattern will become wrong if price goes below $3.8185 level. If price will go below this level then you cannot expect new HIGH of EOS soon.

According to my analysis EOS is waiting for right time to make a new high. Current pattern is very clear that EOS will make a new HIGH.

EOS price cannot grow until it will have huge demand and enough capital to achieve new high. Price drops because people withdraw their coins and convert into real money. So that’s why every cryptocurrency price dropped in 2018 and could not came back till their previous positions.

Now demand of cryptocurrencies are increasing, people are buying more coins.

Moreover binance exchange have announced they will open their new offices in different countries like singapore and UK. So this is great benefit for crypto investors and traders.

Trust of people will increase and they will buy and mine more coins in coming years.

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So these were are facts and technical points that EOS price will increase in future and EOS will make a new high in coming months.

Conclusion: EOS Price Prediction 2020

EOS price prediction 2020 is up to $30


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