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Greenbits Wallet is very fast and very easy to use wallet. You can access Greenbits wallet using your android phone. There are a lot of bitcoin wallets but we cannot trust on many because of security reasons. So there are hardware wallets which seems very good because all the access is yours only. No one can access your hardware wallet.

What is Greenbits wallet ?

This is the only one wallet which provide three types of hardware wallets. Trezor, NFC Ledger and HW1 Ledger. Greenbits wallet use Hyrarchical Deterministic Multisig (HDM). By using HDM they provide security and instant confirmation.  You do not need to generate the seed using 24 words phrases. That is the reason it is the safest wallet of that time.

Moreover greenbits is a android wallet too. You can use android phone to access your wallet. It provide you two fector authentication shared control on your money, some privacy  and you have full control on your fees. Its mean you can change the fees when you will send funds using RBF and CPFP. Some privacy mean you have to change your bitcoin address every time when you send or receive coin. And at the end shared control on your money mean when you will make any transaction then it will check by you and by greenbits wallet due to security reasons otherwise all other controls will in your hand.

So its seems very interesting bitcoin wallet. Because it provides you different types of hardware that’s why it is the plus point of this wallet. We can use it as hardware wallet. More information and how you can use this wallet to store your coin or how you can use it as hardware wallet i will update here.

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