IOTA Price Prediction 2018 | MIOTA Prediction

IOTA Price Prediction 2018, IOTA price action analysis, IOTA forecast price chart Should i invest in IOTA coin ? Should i buy MIOTA right now ?

IOTA is best coin to invest. A lot of investors are wasting their money in some coins which are useless and will never grow. But MIOTA is very different in all of them. MIOTA Current price is 1.28$ (19-03-2018). Its price once hit the peak of 10$ but could not maintain its position. After some time it dropped and now struggling at level 1.28$. IOTA price prediction 2018 is up to 10$.

IOTA Price Prediction 2018

MIOTA price action and wave analysis shows that price of coin will increase very soon. It is just testing the 50 or 61 % fib levels. According to Elliot there is always an corrective wave after an impulse wave. According to our analysis now it is a corrective wave. You will see a boost in price which will a impulse wave.

IOTA price prediction 2018 is up to $10. There will wave number three(3) after current corrective wave. Elliot said that wave three (3) is longest wave in market.

There are expectations that price of IOTA will more than $10 at the end of 2018.

iota-price-prediction 2018


It is just an expectation may be price hit 20$ at the 2018. But it is confirmed by Elliot wave analysis and price action analysis of IOTA that price will grow in future.

If you buy IOTA for 100$ right now then you will have total 7 to 8 IOTA now. So at the end of 2018 IOTA price will $10 at least. So your total profit will more than 60$ very easily.

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Some Important Questions About IOTA price

What is IOTA Price today ?

IOTA price is $1.28 Today (20-03-2018)

Is it profitable to invest in IOTA Coin ?

Yes price will go up to 10$ in a year. But it is not much profitable for short term investors. But good for long term investment.

Will IOTA price will increase / grow / hit $50 ?

Yes in future.There are expectations that price of IOTA will up to $50 in 2020.

Will IOTA price will go down / drop / fall ?

No, Technical analysis shows price will increase more and more.

Could IOTA will crash Bitcoin ?

Never. Bitcoin achieved a huge price range.There are less chances for any coin to hit that price.

What is IOTA price prediction 2019?

Price prediction 2019 is up to 20$ only.

What is IOTA Price prediction 2020 ?

Price prediction 2020 is up to 50$

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