Is It Too Late To Invest In Cryptocurrency?

The rise of cryptocurrency keeps on going even though the value has dropped over the last week or so.

A lot of this can be expected to a certain extent as now is the time that the many altcoins that are coming to the digital marketplace are increasing rapidly.

When looking at making money with cryptocurrency, there are a couple of ways to look at it. You either trade, as many people do and home to capitalize on the increases the coins can have over a week, two weeks or months.

Or you see the vision and invest for the long-term in several currencies and build up a portfolio that way and hope to capitalize on the future.

Even with the possible Bitcoin future being all over the TV many people think that the time has been and gone and there is no reason to invest in any crypto.

This is very far from the truth as cryptocurrencies are entering the mainstream and many new technologies are coming with them. The top cryptocurrency list of the moment might not have the most significant riser of 2018 among it.

Here are a few reasons to show you why investing time is now, and no one has missed the opportunity.


Many altcoins are still good value regardless of what BTC is doing in the market. So the chance of investing while these coins have yet to make an impact can reap many benefits in 2018.

Two good examples being Stellar which is still less than a dollar per coin and IOTA (The Economy of Things) is currently a little over two dollars fifty per coin.

Crypto Diversity

Now can be the ideal time to invest as there is a lot of diversity in cryptocurrencies. All at the same time, a crypto coin is a currency, a technology, and an investment, and it is possible to spend them and buy something, invest long term or trade with that bit extra that you could afford to lose if things went wrong.

Cryptocurrency Types

At present, there are over 1000 altcoins that can be traded, and when looking to find the most undervalued Cryptocurrency, you could spend a lot of time looking.

With these altcoins that are either at the bottom end of the leaderboard or are still way down the rankings as they are new. You need to see what they bring and offer end users compared to the current leaders.

Bitcoin does have flaws, and when the full quota of coins has been released, there could be more of a slowdown on the network with Blockchain transactions backing up.

There is then the charges that are being imposed for transactions to be processed faster. This does not bode well for any coin that uses this type of underlying technology.

Apart from the altcoins previously mentioned there are three that stand out for their own set of reasons. The pick of the bunch will be left until last as it is something new altogether.


This was developed to counter the transaction processing speed that hinders Bitcoin and the Blockchain.

It is based on Blockchain, yet it has been designed for faster transactions which can be used for smaller payments that require faster processing time.

Litecoin can easily be bought and traded on many exchanges with the number of sites that accept it as a payment option is growing.


This coin brings high security as they are confirmed by 200 Terrahash which is provided by 4500 ASIC servers scattered around the globe.

Dash is also a private coin that makes sure your personal financial information stays that way.

It uses PrivateSend to ensure all balances and activity history are private. Payments are carried out in less than a second so as soon as you click to send the transaction is complete.


At present this coin is way down in the rankings as it has not been fully released. It comes with something rather interesting about transactions. There is no mining of coins. Operations will be fast enough to be used at cash registers.

Skycoin also brings a new type of algorithm (Obelisk) this prevents 51% attacks from ever occurring. There is also one major trick up SKY’s sleeve. It brings with it the underlying technology called Skywire.

When these work in combination the coin is fully secured, decentralized as is the network.

To achieve this, a new internet will be born that is powered by nodes that use rigs similar to Bitcoin mining rigs yet these stores and forward data around the mesh network.

Downtime will be a thing of the past and speed will be improved, and scalability is infinite as these miners receive payment for hosting parts of the network.

Faster payments, a new internet, fully secure, decentralized and private. There is nothing not to like, and later in the year when roll-out begins its value will be fully realized.

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