NEM Coin Price Prediction 2018 | NEM Future Price

NEM is the seventh largest cryptocurrency in world. NEM coin price prediction 2018 is very clear and smooth. People wants to know the price of NEM coin for 2018. Bitcoin was very good coin for invest but i was. Now NEM, Ripple (XRP) and IOTA are also best one for investment.

NEM Coin Price Prediction 2018

There are some logic which shows price will pick bullish trend very soon.

NEM coin current capital is $9,911,429,999. Nem price is $1.10. Nem is in the lsit of top 7 coins. But price is very low. Capital is high but price low. So it indicates NEM is strong coin. So NEM coin price prediction 2018 is that very soon NEM price will pick a bullish trend.

NEM price increased in 2017 from 0% to 5,950%. So that is very huge growth for any coin. Price is actually not much but growth is awesome. So we ca expect growth of NEM coin will more than 1500% at the end of 2018.

Coin (NEM) gain a lot of investors in previous months. In previous 8 months NEM coin gain a lot of investors. Which make it to gain more than 5000% growth. So due to this reason it will grow in future two. Because investors interest is very high for this coin and they want to buy it. Investors are buying NEM coin in 2018 in bulk.

It is more efficient than other coin like bitcoin. Programmers are able to read it very easily than other coins. That make it more optimized coin.


NEM coin price prediction 2018 shows that it will bullish in 2018. But as you know cryptocurrency are very unpredictable.That’s why our logic can be wrong. But that was all experiences and analysis of our team. So you should invest in any coin, your own risk

So what do you think NEM coin price prediction 2018 is more than $5 ? Please comment your opinion. Thanks

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  1. Yousaf says:

    Yes Nem will Crosse to 5$ in May

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