NEO Price Prediction 2018, 2019 & 2020

NEO coin is future coin. Very soon NEO coin will touch high price. NEO price prediction shows that price will very high but need to wait for some time. NEO price is 118$ for now which is high than many other coins like EOS , IOTA , etc but it is more profitable also. Suppose if price increases 100$ then you will gain roughly 200$ easily but if EOS and IOTA like coins price increase 100% then you will get nothing i mean only 10-15$ approx.

NEO Price Prediction

NEO price is in consolidation for now, because there are less investors in market. Investors are afraid of bitcoin. Bitcoin sudden drop cause of less investment in market. But very soon bitcoin will also give you huge profit as NEO will. Bitcoin price prediction is $25K for 2018.

NEO price prediction 2018 is that price will more than $150 at the end of 2018. Its not mean price will confirm touch that level but there are predictions of analysts that it will touch that area. May it touch 160$ or more and may it touch 130$ or less.So its all depends on investment in NEO coin.

NEO price prediction 2019 is that price will more than 200$ at then end of 2019.According to analysts price will more than expectations. So finally we can conclude that price of NEO coin will more than 200$ at then end of 2019.

NEO Pirce prediction 2020 is that price will more than 500$ at then end of 2020. Its not a guess its technically proved by price action and wave analysis.

So price prediction for any coin is very difficult because coins are hard to analyze than other symbols of stock market. They are not control by government they control by investors and you people. People can increase and decrease price of any coin by investing and selling coins. So these were are predictions of some analysts and our research results. So invest in any coin on your won risk.

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