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OmiseGO price was approximately 25$ in 2017, but it could to maintain its position. After some days it started downward moment. Because volatility of coin was not much to take its position at that point. It have required huge investment to maintain its position. But people did not and it dropped. OmiseGO price prediction 2019 is very clear now. Price of OmiseGO is stable at 9$ average. It seems like OmiseGO have much investment now and it can go up in future.

So if OMG will go up then how much will it ?

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OmiseGO price prediction 2019

It is clear now that OMG will touch some high levels of market in 2019. Reason behind this is that OMG was not having much investment in 2017, but now people are feed up from bitcoin and ripple too. Investors were expecting ripple could touch at least $5 in 2018. But condition is remain bad.You know it is just struggling and price is less than even $1. This is due to centralization of Ripple.

Lets come back to point, in future you will see OmiseGO  (OMG) will hit at least $50 level. Investors will invest in new coins and they want to test some new coins. There are huge chances of price growth because position of OMG is approximately in top 20 coins. So it makes this coin important. Price is much low but position/rank is much higher than price. So investors will trust on that coin and they will invest huge amounts to make profit out of it. In short OmiseGO price prediction 2019 is upto $50.

OmiseGO price prediction 2020

2020 prediction is also same. As position of OMG coin is very stable now. It can survive in market now, there are huge chances that it will grab attention of investors in 2020 too. OmiseGO price prediction 2020 is also very high and we can expect OMG price upto $100 in 2020.

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