Ripple vs IOTA Which Is Better And Why ? | XRP vs IOTA

There is a huge discussion on topic Ripple vs IOTA on social sites and forums. People are very curious about the price of these two coins. Not only these two but also others. But XRP vs IOTA is big discussion between people, why ? Because price of these coins are very low and capital of these coins are very huge. So people think there are chances that these coins will grow in future. And they will make huge profit out of it. But actually which is batter ripple or iota.

There is no coin about which we can conclude that is perfect coin to invest. We need to analyze every coin fundamental and technically. But there are some points which differentiate every coin from other coins.

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The factors which effect on price value are Capital of a coin, people interest in a coin and very important rank of a coin. Actually capital is very important for coins. There are huge chances of future growth of a coin if capital is huge. We defferentiate coins base on there capital. Highest capital coin is bitcoin and its mean rank of bitcoin is 1. I mean to say rank is that coin which is under top 10 or top 20 in world. Coins which are under top 10 are best coins for investment.

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But there are chances all top 10 crypto coin’s prices are high which we cannot afford. So we need to check next 10 coins mean top 20 cryptocurrencies. Moreover people interest in a coin is also very impact full for the future price prediction of a coin. Ripple price is very low and IOTA price is also very low. Both Ripple and IOTA exist under top 10 cryptocurrencies worldwide.

IOTA is better than Ripple (Ripple vs IOTA) Why ?

It is very difficult to analyze XRP vs IOTA. Ripple coin capital is $77,899,767,496 and current ripple price is $2.01 (12-01-2018). Ripple (XRP) is in top 10 cryptocurrencies. It is due to its high capital and rank of ripple is 3.

Ripple is decentralized coin and use by banks for transactions. So actually its functionality is not decentralized. Because banks use it that’s why price is very controlled. It is very optimized coin due to bank usage.

On the other hand IOTA price is $3.71 (12-01-2018) and capital is $10,309,889,316. Like ripple IOTA is also in the list of top 10 cryptocurrencies based on its capital. Rank of IOTA coin is 9.

Ripple vs IOTA

Fig: Ripple vs IOTA

IOTA has developed a very new protocol Tangle. It is not use by any bank and totally decentralized coin. People interest is also very high. We analyzed forums and social sites and conclude that people are very interesting to buy this coin.

Because ripple use by banks that’s why very optimized and controlled but IOTA is not. That’s why IOTA is better than ripple. Ripple price will increase in future but not much or not more than IOTA. IOTA price will increase in future very fast but ripple will increase in corrections.

If you are thinking about short term investment then you should not inter in market. All above logic or data is for long term investment, not only for 2018. We conclude results for 2018, 2019 and next some years.


No one can conclude that which is perfect coin to invest(Ripple vs IOTA). No one know tomorrow, next months and next years price of coins. We said IOTA is best than Ripple based on above information which we get form internet. Above information make some sense or logic. That’s why we able to conclude the result that IOTA is best coin to invest.

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