Step-by-Step Guide To CryptoCurrency Trading – Easy Steps To Profit

Article will give you complete guide to CryptoCurrency Trading

CryptoCurrency invention is biggest invention in economy market. Investors are buying and sell coins daily on different website. Wallet and exchanges used for this purpose. Now CryptoCurrency trading is also becoming part of business and cryptocurrency market is growing so fast. Actually trading is best all of them. You invest some amount and gain profit on it, if price grows. As every business trading have some risks too. But profit is always equals to risk. Without risk business is not business.

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CryptoCurrency Trading For Beginners

There are two accounts which are required:

  1. CryptoCurrency wallet to store coin
  2. An Exchange account to Buy/Sell Coin

There are some CryptoCurrency Trading sites which are trusted. It is hard to find best cryptocurrency exchange but Etoro and GDAX are platforms where you can trade cryptocurrency. Bitcoin trading is famous all of theme. Because bitcoin price moves very fast that’s why people choose bitcoin to trade in market.

1. Cryptocurrency trading and investing on eToro

eToro is very old and famous platform for Forex trading and copy expert traders. Now it is also providing platform to trade Cryptocurrencies. You can buy and sell any coin very easily. Just one click and your trade will execute. But eToro is not providing all list of coins to trade. There are only Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum classic, Stellar and NEO coins available for trading.

eToro cryptocurrency trading

eToro Cryptocurrency Trading


2. GDAX Exchange to Trade CryptoCurrency

GDAX is platform of Coinbase. Coinbase introduced GDAX only for those people who want to trade CryptoCurrency pairs. It is very trusted and famous platform. You can buy/sell coin very easily. Fees are also very less than oth


er exchanges. It also provide a big list of coins on which we can trade. But as eToro GDAX also do not provide all cryptocurrencies list to trade. There is list on which you can trade on GDAX.

GDAX cryptocurrency trading platform

CryptoCurrency Trading guide

After choosing the platform/Exchange. You need to create a account on that chosen exchange/platform. It will provide you a dashboard where all coins will listed. You can see their charts and prices in real time. This real time environment give you a lot of help to analyze market.

Second thing is a Wallet. You need a wallet to store your coin. Suppose if you make profit from trading crypto coins then you need a wallet to store your coins. You can choose coinbase or other platforms to create a wallet account.

To enter your trade you need to select your pair first. After that you need to Analyze that pair. After technical and fundamental analysis you will know future price direction for market. Day trading cryptocurrency is best option to trade cryptocurrency market for beginners.

So how to analyze market future direction. For that you need a cryptocurrency strategy. You can use Elliot wave analysis, Price action or some indicators for that purpose.


Article was about CryptoCurrency Trading for beginners. So we did not provide information about technical and fundamental analysis.Information is only about how to trade cryptocurrency. CryptoCurrency trading requires deep analysis of market before entering any position.



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