Tron Price Prediction 2018 | Tron Price Up To $5 ??

Tron Price Prediction 2018, Should i invest in Tron coin ? Should i buy Tron right now ?

Tron is blockchain and decentralized protocol. TRX want to show itself as a new economy system of world. Tron trx is a coin which is huge gainer in past days and now it is in top 10 cryptocurrencies list. Capital is much higher than many famous coins that is the reasons it is interest for every investor. Tron price prediction 2018 is all about in its favor. Many website and analyst are writing for positiveness of TRX coin.

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Why you should buy Tron  ?

2018 is very profitable year for those who are interested in buying cryptocurrencies and want to invest in cryptocurrencies. If you are investor then you will definitely have knowledge about some coins which grow very fast.

Ripple is best example. Ripple’s capital was less than $119,467,648,794. Ripple was at $0.20-0.30 in year 2017 but now in 2018 ripple (XRP) grew more than 500% and touched the peak of $3  or more.

I choose ripple as a example so that i can prove currencies which are very low in price but capital is big, will definitely grow in future.

So for Tron coin (TRX) there is huge capital but price is very less till now. Tron coin capital is $10,653,245,375 and available in the list of top 10 coins. But Tron coin price is very low range from $0.03 to $0.09. Situation of TRX is same like ripple. So you should buy Tron coin definitely because in future price will very high according to past data.

Tron Price Prediction 2018

Tron Price Prediction 2018 is up to $5. This coin is a good coin to invest. As i mentioned price is very low $0.03 to $0.09. If you will invest very little amount to buy this coin then you will gain a lot of coins just in $1 so imagine if price goes upto $1 in future then you will get very decent amount out of it.

According to analysts and may website Tron coin will touch at least $1 at then end of this year. Yes it is long time but also it is predictions not confirmation. May be price touch $10 but we analyzed and give you minimum price that is $1 which will definitely touch in the end of this month. We can also expect coin price in future will more than 10$ at the end of 2018.

Buy tron right now is very mature decision and there will very less risk and reward ratio. Risk will very less and you can buy more than 1 coin in just a single dollar. Let me do some calculations for more understanding.

Suppose you have 10$ investment and want to invest in a decent coins which can give you some decent profit in future. And you buy coin.

1 coin price = $0.03

You will get coin in $10 = more than 330 coins

Suppose in future price of tron coin touch $1 then you will get total profit out of it= 330$ +

So you invested 10$ and gain 330$ out of it. Now you apply this method on you desired investment amount and conclude you results.

In short it is very good time to buy this coin and tron coin price prediction 2018 is $5.


We are expecting Tron price prediction 2018 is more than 10$. Because bitcoin is going very down day by day. Other coins will take place of bitcoin.


Some Important Questions About Tron price

What is Tron Price today ?

Tron price is $0.03 Today (21-03-2018)

Is it profitable to invest in Tron Coin ?

Yes price will go up to 5$ in a year. But it is not much profitable for short term investors. But good for long term investment.

Will Tron price will increase / grow / hit $50 ?

Yes in future.There are expectations that price of tron will up to $50 in 2022.

Will Tron price will go down / drop / fall ?

No, Technical analysis shows price will increase more and more.

Could Tron will crash Bitcoin ?

Never. Bitcoin achieved a huge price range.There are less chances for any coin to hit that price.

What is Tron price prediction 2019?

Price prediction 2019 is up to 10$ only.

What is Tron Price prediction 2020 ?

Price prediction 2020 is up to 20$

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  1. aliiiiiii says:

    should i invest a half million on tron

    • TheNextTechs says:

      I cannot suggest you exact amount. It is yours decision. I will recommend you that you invest your half million in different coins. Like Ripple, Tron, ADA,NEM, IOTA and verge.

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