US Dollar Forecast 2018 – $ Price Action and Elliot WAVE Analysis

US dollar price is going down in 2018. Traders are expecting dollar price will collapse. But it is not reality. US Dollar Forecast 2018 will show you complete dollar wave analysis and price action strategy will give you entry points.

US Dollar Forecast 2018

$ Price Action and Elliot WAVE Analysis

us dollar forecast 2018

usdollar forecast 2018

According to Elliot wave analysis us dollar forecast 2018 is that price will go in up direction very soon. There will a huge D wave which will also a wave 3. Because wave 5 will also called wave 1. And next wave 2 will complete at wave C. So next move we can predict is wave 3 or Wave D. According to Elliot wave principles wave 3 cannot shortest wave. Wave three(3) always longest wave in all cycle.

Wave 5 completed because MACD indicator is showing a very nice divergence at completion of wave 5. Approximately A and B waves are also completed and now C wave will complete very soon and D wave will start which is also wave 3.

Fibonacci is also indicating price action of market. US Dollar forecast 2018 is showing price will stay at 127% Fib level and will not go below of this level. But if price goes down then maximum US Dollar will fall up to 161% fib level.

So 161% fib level is very nice place to buy US Dollar. We will see price action at 127% or 161% levels. If market will show us bullish candlestick pattern then we will buy on that candle.

Price also breakout major trend line from above to below. Its not mean that price will drop. According to previous analysis and Elliot wave pattern breakout of trend line is very false. Market will not give it any value.

For now we will hold our trading on dollar. And after dollar big move decision will we ready to buy us dollar. Because US Dollar forecast 2018 is for up trend.

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