VeChain price prediction 2018, 2019, 2020 | VeChain Forecast

VeChain price prediction 2018-2020 | VeChain Forecast:

VeChain is best blockchain platform. Vechain coin is boosting very fast and price and capital is much better than other coins. Vechain price prediction 2018 is in positive directions. Vechain price prediction 2019 and 2020 is also in positive direction. There are expectations price of VeChain will increase in future.

There are fundamental and technical factors that effect on the price of a coin. If you want to invest in a coin, so before investment you should know the fundamentals of coin. Before putting your money in VeChain or any other coin you should analyze or read analysis results of traders. Fundamental and technical analysis are factors which grow or drop any currency or coin.

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VeChain price prediction 2018

Vechain price prediction 2018 shows that price of VeChain will more than 15$. Why ..?

According to Elliot wave analysis VeChain future price will up to $15 at the end of year 2018. VeChain price prediction 2018 is upto $15 because wave analysis showing that price has completed wave 1 and now it is wave 2. Wave 2 is still running. There are expectations that price will go upto 61% Fibonacci level.

After completion of wave 2, wave 3 will start and price will hit at least $15 till 2018.

VeChain price prediction 2019

VeChain price prediction 2019 is up to $35. Wave 3 will complete in 2018 and there are expectation that after completion of wave 3 there will corrective wave which will drop the price of vechain. As wave 4 will complete wave 5th will start and price of vechain will increase up to $35 or $50.

VeChain price prediction 2020

Vechain price prediction 2020 is up to 70$ or 100$. Reason behind this is that after completion of wave 5 there will correction a b and c waves. We will consider it a complete cycle and a new cycle will start. It will take the price of veChain up to $100 very easily. It is according to wave analysis.

Fundamentals also effect on a coin and fundamentally vechain is very strong. Capital of this coin is very high and price is also decent. So people are investing in this coin and there are huge chances of growth of that coin.

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