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Today we will talk about very fast growing coin verge. Verge is very fast growing coin and best thing is that you can make transactions using this coin anonymously. Verge coin price prediction 2018 is very positive for investors. One of the most beautiful thing of this coin is that it is 100% open source, it mean you can follow the changes and change according to your need. You can use its code to generate your own coin.

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Cryptocurrency business was very boosting in 2017 but now it is at top and everyone is investing in both cheap and expensive coins. People who have big investments are buying maximum coins. They do not care what is price in cents or in dollars. On the other side people who have very less investment are investing low amounts in coins whose price is in cents.

Frankly verge coin is best coin for those people who have very less investment like students and lower class people. You will get a lot of coins in just a single dollar. Due to this good thing people are buying it and searching for verge coin price predictions 2018.

Verge Coin Price Prediction 2018

Current price of verge coin is $0.16 (01-10-2018). Capital of verge coin is $2,338,746,148. Verge coin is in the list of top 21 cryptocurrencies. That is the reason it is very interesting coin for those who want to invest in cheap coins. Actually it is very cheap coin as well as capital is strong enough. It make this coin overall a decent coin to invest.

According to analysts and some website price of verge coin will more than $1 at the end of 2018 because interest of people is increasing.

Verge Coin Price Prediction 2018

Fig: Verge Coin Price Prediction 2018

Suppose you have $1 to invest in a coin and you invest $1 in verge coin then you will get more than 5 coins approx in a single dollar. According to prediction if price goes up to $1 then you will gain approx $5 on investment of $1 at the end of 2018. Now you can calculate your profit based on your investment.

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Verge coin price prediction 2018  is that coin price will $1 in future in very short time. People interest in coins is increasing and want to invest in coins. That is the reasons verge will grow and  people will gain a lot of profit out of it. But because volatility in coins is very high like bitcoin. So movement of price is very fast they can grow very high just bitcoin gone. But they can also go down. So its all depends on coin situation and investments in coin (capital). There is risk in every business. And cryptocurrency is also a business. 🙂

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