Ripple XRP Price Prediction 2018 – Fact Based XRP Prediction

XRP Price Prediction 2018

Ripple XRP is becoming famous day by day and interest of people are increasing for XRP. People are searching for XRP Price Prediction 2018 so that they can invest a decent amount in XRP. There are many reasons about that. Ripple uses blockchain technology. Ripple XRP provides facility to transfer funds and a lot of banks are using this coin for transferring funds from one country to other. To send ripple from one country to another county both countries should accept XRP.

Banks uses ripple to transfer funds, because it is functional and fast way. Suppose if you are in Canada and wants to send money to another country like US. If yours bank supports fund transfer using ripple then they can transfer your funds to other person in another country’s bank in seconds. But always remember both banks should accept ripple.

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Ripple (XRP) also grab the interest of people because price is very low (in cents) . Due to low price of that cryptocurrency investors wants to invest in XRP and they wants to invest because of bitcoin. Bitcoin startedfrom cents and now price is more than $6000. Investors thinks if bitcoin can touch that huge peak then Ripple will also touch that peak. So these were some reasons due to them Ripple XRP is becoming more famous day by day in investors zones.

XRP Price Prediction 2018

As you know bitcoin is growing very fast than any other crypto coin. Ripple and  bitcoins are very far away from each other. If bitcoin increase 10% then ripple increase 0.1% approx.  So bitcoin has fastest growth than ripple and from previous data analysis we can expect bitcoin price will increase in 2018.

But what about Ripple ?

XRP Price Prediction 2018

Fig: XRP Price Prediction 2018

Actually ripple is growing very slowly and because there are a lot of banks involved  and using ripple that’s why boom price movement is not expected for ripple. So if you think ripple will also boom like bitcoin then it is impossible.

But analyst are expecting if ripple grows slowly from 0.45 to 0.60$ then we can expect XRP price 2018 will $2 at least again. We can also expect that price of ripple will touch $4 in 2018. So if you want to invest in ripple XRP coin then you have to buy a lot of ripples. Because price is not much high still but in future definitely ripple price will more than $5.

Ripple price prediction 2018 is very high because as you know ripple is in top 10 cryptocurrencies because people are investing in this coin and capital of XRP is very high so it can establish its state in top 10 coins. This is also a big reason XRP will at least touch $2 in 2018.

Can XRP Reach $100?

Short answer: No, but its not mean never.

Long Answer: Yes. ripple will touch $100 peak because it is very stable and controlled coin and optimized by banks because they are using it. But its not mean it will suddenly touch $100 peak in weeks or months just like bitcoin and Ethereum. XRP will take time to touch this huge price but it will definitely.

Ripple for long-term investors

Ripple is a system of global payments and banks are using it. XRP may take some time but definitely this coin will grow and you will gain huge profit out of it. So that’s why ripple is best for investors who believes in long term investments.

So i hope you understand why ripple is growing very slowly and what is Ripple XRP price prediction 2018.

Ripple Price Prediction 2018 Update (Sept 2018)

Ripple (XRP) touched its highest level in December 2017 and Jan 2018. Maximum ripple hit 2.34$ level. After that suddenly price dropped and again ripple price reached at its cent level. Now price is approx $0.45.

This is due to drop of bitcoin price. Bitcoin price was approximately $19,000 but suddenly it dropped and now it is struggling at $6000 to 6,600$ level. So due to this approximately all cryptocurrencies dropped.


Do not worry about that. Price of all cryptocurrencies will again touch their previous level in coming months.

So XRP price prediction 2018 is that price will struggle between $1 to $2. There will not much potential in market but this is good time to invest in market. If you are interested to buy ripple right now then yes it is good time to buy XRP.

If you will buy XRP for $100 right now then you will have more than 200 xrp coins in your wallet.

For long term investment Ripple coin is a good option but it is not good for short term investors.

Ripple XRP Price Prediction 2018 (November – December)

Now as you can see ripple suddenly shown a boost in its price. Investors have new hope with ripple (xrp) now. They are expecting $1 at least at the end of 2018. We can expect price more than $1 in 2018, because ripple getting very famous now and people are trusting in XRP. After huge lose in bitconnect investors was afraid that’s why they were not investing.

In short you can expect $1 at least at then end of 2018.


XRP price prediction 2018: $1 – $2


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