XRP Price Prediction 2019

Ripple is long term investment. Investors are getting huge profit form many coins. Now more than three thousands coins available in market. Bitcoin is going down day by day but there are many other opportunities like Ripple. Ripple is great coin for investment. XRP price prediction 2019 is very clear. Ripple price prediction is not very hard to analyze. But yes it is definite that ripple will grow in future but there are some hurdles. Price will increase but after some years. For now you can invest and wait. It will increase little bit like 2-4$ but if you are looking for huge profits like 500$ per ripple, then you should wait.

XRP Price Prediction 2019

Ripple is not coin like other coins. It is totally different. XRP also not decentralized coin. Banks are using XRP ripple. That is major reason ripple price will not very high in future even in 2020. Maximum price of ripple will only $5. Why….?

It is shocking yes definitely. Because banks will not bear high price of ripple.

S invest in ripple only if you have extra money.

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