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In this post i’m going to tell you about future price of 0x coin (ZRX). You will know ZRX price prediction 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Yes all about future of 0x coin.

So let start!

Firstly let me introduce that coin. 0x coin is another cryptocuCurrency just like bitcoin, IOTA, Ripple, EOS, and Lisk. I know you are familiar with these coins but 0x may be new for you.

0x is an open protocol designed to allow ERC20 token to trade on Ethereum Block chain. It is permissionless protocol that’s why ERC20 token can trade on Ethereum block chain easily.

Developers of 0x are saying there will a lot of tokens from Ethereum and it will be only best and efficient way to exchange these tokens. Moreover it will only trustworthy way to exchange tokens.

Want to know about bitcoin future price ?

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0x designed in a way so that it can have both features centralized and decentralized. This is the most important thing which makes 0x different from all other players in game.

So know lets have a eye on ZRX chart.

ZRX price chart

Figure: ZRX price chart

ZRX (0x) Technical Analysis and Price Action

Lets see chart as a big picture first. You can see there are a lot of fluctuation in price. Price started from 0.1 USD and with a boom price touched 0.5 USD. This was awesome for any investor whoever invested at that time but.. price could not maintain its peak.

As price touched highest peak in August 2017 price came back down slowly. ZRX price again touched 0.2 USD level in December 2017 and this was not so much good for investors.

But.. After that there came a game change position.

In very short period of time ZRX price touched very high level of its history. With a boost price of 0x became very high. Now 0x (ZRX) price was 2.37 USD. (Even 2.37$ is highest level till now) This was profitable time for every investor who did invest in it.

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But again..

Price could not maintain its position and slowly came down. Most of the investors withdraw their money and sold ZRX to others, because they was aware of 0x behavior and they know about its past habits.

This was good decision  by most of the investors. But after some time price became down slowly and stopped at 0.37 USD in March 2018. People was thinking 0x will destroy know because ZRX is at its initial price levels.

But again price of ZRX boosted and price again touched 1.92 USD in May 2018. As you know ZRX cannot maintain its peak price levels that’s why again slowly price came down and again history repeated it self.

Now it was very easy to predict price of ZRX for investors and they was much mature about price of ZRX. After that 0x price again touched the peak level but this time it was not much high. In July 2018 price was 1.13 USD. Again price could not maintain its position and came back.

Now current price of 0x (ZRX) is 0.72 USD ( 27-08-2018).

So what we learnt from previous price analysis of 0x (ZRX) ?

We learnt behavior of ZRX coin. Now you know well about price behavior of 0x coin. It repeats history. Firstly when ZRX price goes down it must go up very fast and smoothly.

Secondly price is getting symmetrical shape. What ? Do not understand ? Ok let me explain.

If we apply technical analysis on price chart of ZRX then price is getting symmetrical shape. Have a look at figure below for more understanding.


ZRX price prediction chart symmetrical triangle

Figure: ZRX price prediction chart symmetrical triangle

So there are huge chances of price boost it could at above side or below side. But… Do not worry about below side move, this will not happen. Why ?

Because previous behavior of ZRX is very decent if it goes below then must goes up side very sharply and smoothly. Previous price action tells symmetrical triangle breakout will be at above side.

So this is confirm now that ZRX price will remain at up side in future. But how much ?

So its depends on volatility and investment in it. If you do not know let me tell you that 0x is under top 25 coins in the world.

ZRX Price Prediction 2018

0x price prediction 2018 is very clear now. As you know our analysis are showing behavior of coin is very profitable. But till we are expecting very low move in 2018. Because coin is consolidations and in corrective mode. We can expect more corrections in coming months and weeks. Previous analysis are showing that ZRX price will remain under range 0.3 USD to 1 USD. Yes there is reason of this because price action showing corrective wave pattern so we can expect more corrections in future.

ZRX Price Prediction 2019

0x price will totally change in 2019 because there are high exceptions that ZRX price will break its symmetrical triangle pattern. If it break this pattern then definitely ZRX price prediction 2019 is un predictable. Why?

Because price will go up side with a boost and no one will know where will it stop. So we can expect ZRX price will up to $5 in the end of next year (2019).

ZRX Price Prediction 2020

2019 results will show how much price will in 2020. If symmetrical triangle breaks at above side then yes of course 2020 will also profitable for those who will invest in ZRX coin. Technical analysis shows if symmetrical triangle breaks above then there will huge move. You will see huge move on 0x price chart. So need to wait and watch.

ZRX Price Prediction

ZRX Price Prediction 20181 USD
ZRX Price Prediction 20195 USD
ZRX Price Prediction 202050 USD
ZRX Price Prediction 2025200 USD


ZRX price history shows its very promising coin. Investors can invest part o their investment in this coin. Technical analysis showing corrective waves on price chart. Its mean price is preparing it and deciding where should it go. Now waves of price are very small and close to each other (Symmetrical pattern). So according to technical analysis price of ZRX will break its pattern above or below. If price break above then we can expect huge move towards above side. Its mean huge profit. But if price breaks at below side then we can expect a huge low even coin will destroy.

So its only prediction which based on facts and previous price actions (as mentioned above in article).

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